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Your Snapchat Images Are Not as Safe as You Think

It’s safe to say that anyone even a little invested in the use of social networking apps must have heard of the phenomenon that is Snapchat. This app has taken the world of online communication by storm, as people of all ages are seen sending ‘snaps’ to their friends and family, whether they are to give a serious message or just to share a moment.

The reason for Snapchat’s popularity is that the content sent through it is temporary. Users can send their images or video clips to others that last only up to 10 seconds at most, after which they are deleted from recipient’s device permanently. It’s no wonder that people who like to share moments with friends are so in love with Snapchat, and teenagers are clearly leading the pack. Continue reading

snapchat for parents

Why Parents Should Be Concerned About Snapchat

Social networks have almost completely taken over our communications. People love to connect with each other via these online platforms. They not only message one another, but also share their feelings along with their photos and videos.

It’s no wonder then that in a world so obsessed with social networking, children are taking up these modern forms of communication as well. Smartphone apps like WhatsApp and Facebook have made it easier than ever for children to contact their friends for free, and have caused a steep increase in young children’s smartphone use. Continue reading

5. Find out where are snapchat photos saved

Find out Where Are Snapchat Photos Saved

Are you a frequent snapchat user? Are you enjoying the complete privacy option snapchat management professes to offer? Well you are in for a big shock then because snapchat is not as secure and private as it brings out itself to be. The content you share with your buddies is not disposable and can easily be hacked onto or saved by any person at all. Continue reading

4. Get all sent and received messages with Snapchat monitor

Get All Sent and Received Messages with Snapchat Monitor

Are your kids and spouses too, very crazy about the new featured application, snapchat? Do they like communicating with their friends using photos, videos and instant messaging via snapchat rather than the old simple texting way? Are you worried what kind of content they may be chatting about and you are dumbstruck about what to do? How to find out what is being kept secret from you? Don’t fret because we have answers to that.

Keeping in mind the growing popularity among children, of the recently launched application called snapchat which uses photos as a means of communication, we bring you the perfect solution to manage to gain access to the data sent and received by the phone. By following that route you cannot just easily get all the chat threads created but also view them whenever you wish as they remain safe and sound in your own protected file. Continue reading

3. Do you need to monitor Snapchat messages of your employees

Do You Need to Monitor Snapchat Messages of Your Employees?

When one steps into any kind of business and decides to run a company, the first issue (s) he has to face and settle down is to get a perfectly trusting staff which can work tirelessly and protect the company’s secrets. This is highly important in order to attain a well reputed position in the competitive market and then maintain that reputation to make the industry flourish and prosper more. To resolve this issue of staying unsure as to what company’s information is secure or not the management should keep a check on all of its employees to prevent any serious situations in the future.

Various applications are available to monitor the many social networks and communicative methods of the employees. Snapchat too can be investigated for the purpose of ensuring that the industry’s employees are loyal to the managing group, well acquainted with the fact of staying keeping the firm’s documents within the company and not leaking out any information to the rival corporations. Continue reading

2. How can I track Snapchat activity in iPhone

How Can I Track Snapchat Activity in iPhone

Snapchat has long become the novel trend to use when instant messaging with someone. You can install the application on your iphone and use it to talk to your loved ones using pictures, drawings and videos. Various exciting add on are present to make the application more favorable for millions of its users, like writing messages on the pictures to be sent and also setting a timer for them to disappear permanently once they have been viewed by the desired recipient. Continue reading

1. Tracking Snapchat on Android devices

Tracking Snapchat on Android devices

Are you itching to spy on snapchat on an android phone? Is it your growing teenager or your spouse who has made you such an investigator now? Whoever (s) he be, we here have the solution to your worries. Entrusting your kid in this rapidly advancing era is equally worrisome as having to find your spouse is cheating on you. But we can now track down the two using their own android devices and keep a check on their activities without them knowing about the whole spying episode at all. How? Read on to find out. Continue reading

12-how snapchat spyware works

How Snapchat Spyware Works

If you are using a mobile device like the rest of the planet, you know that there are a lot of instant message applications that offer you the ability to communicate with the people you love for free. Applications of this caliber include all the popular applications that you might have heard of, including snapchat which is one of the most popular.

Spyware does exist

Like many other times in history, curiosity got the better of people, and a lot of applications that go under the name of snapchat spyware have been developed. These are complicated pieces of software made easy for the common user to pick up and use. By the time this article is published, the internet is overflowing the amount of snapchat spyware applications that have been developed for IPhone and Android (even not rooted), so you won’t have any trouble finding an application that is most suitable for your needs

Get SnapChat Spy App

How do these apps work?

All of the applications that even resemble the spyware for mobile devices work in much the same way. Needless to say that an active internet connection is required for the spyware to work in the first place. So an active wireless or 3G connection is required. Another thing that all of applications have in common is the fact that they all work over their own dedicated server.

How is the information transferred?

When it comes to actually spying on a device, there is a trick. The mobile device needs to be infected with the spyware. So the natural fact is that you need to infect that device you are willing to spy on with the corresponding spyware so it will be able to send the information you request later on. How, and if you want to do this is totally up to you, but you need to understand that it is mandatory for the spyware process to work.

11-how to set up snapchat tracker on android and iPhone

How to Set up Snapchat Tracker on Android and iPhone

Snapchat trackers are popular applications that have been developed in recent years. Their development has been influenced by the nature of the application they have been designed to track in the first place. Snapchat as you may or may not know has the unique feature that deletes any messages sent through their server after a certain period of time. Needless to say that a lot of users found this feature to be somewhat annoying. Continue reading

10-is there a service to check snapchat messages online

Is There a Service to Check Snapchat Messages Online

Anybody who uses any kind of instant message application has heard of the application snapchat. What they probably don’t know is the fact that all the messages and information sent through snapchat is available for a limited time before its deleted forever. Due this fact people all around the world have started to look for a way to recover deleted snapchat messages and view them online so they could be manipulated in any manor the user sees fit. Continue reading