Recovering Snapchat Data

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Your Snapchat Images Are Not as Safe as You Think

It’s safe to say that anyone even a little invested in the use of social networking apps must have heard of the phenomenon that is Snapchat. This app has taken the world of online communication by storm, as people of all ages are seen sending ‘snaps’ to their friends and family, whether they are to give a serious message or just to share a moment.

The reason for Snapchat’s popularity is that the content sent through it is temporary. Users can send their images or video clips to others that last only up to 10 seconds at most, after which they are deleted from recipient’s device permanently. It’s no wonder that people who like to share moments with friends are so in love with Snapchat, and teenagers are clearly leading the pack. Continue reading

5. Find out where are snapchat photos saved

Find out Where Are Snapchat Photos Saved

Are you a frequent snapchat user? Are you enjoying the complete privacy option snapchat management professes to offer? Well you are in for a big shock then because snapchat is not as secure and private as it brings out itself to be. The content you share with your buddies is not disposable and can easily be hacked onto or saved by any person at all. Continue reading

8-how to save snapchats on android with no root

How to Save Snapchats on Android with No Root

If anything can be said about business in general, it’s that if you plan to succeed you need to think of something that nobody else has thought of before you. A prime example of such a business model is the popular instant message application under the name of snapchat. Behind this applications is one simple idea, all the messages and the multimedia data sent can be viewed for a limited period of time, this period is dictated by the user who has sent the information to begin with. During this period of time, the information that has been sent cannot be saved, or viewed at a later time. After a safety period of five minutes it gets deleted from the snapchats servers for ever. So the natural question arose, is there a way to save snapchats? Continue reading

Can I Recover Snapchat Photos from my Daughter's Phone

Can I Recover Snapchat Photos from my Daughter’s Phone?

With the world being saturated with stories about sexting and the misuse of social media applications, a lot of parents are worried about the safety of their children, and rightfully so. There are thousands of people in the world today who want to know how they can keep their children safe from the clutches of these threats, and many of them have started relying on spy apps. Continue reading

7. How to Recover Snapchat Messages

How to Recover Snapchat Messages

Snapchat has become an increasingly popular application because of the uniqueness of the messages that it is credited for. However, with the simultaneous rise of cyber bullying, the sharing of photos with “friends” that one has never met in person may be dangerous. That is where the trackers step in. Continue reading