One of the greatest markets in the modern era is that of smart phones. The demand by children in every household has not only led parents into getting them these gadgets but also alarmed them as to what kind of uses they can be put to. This worry has created an even bigger market of snapchat and android tracking applications, required to keep a check on all the activities committed by their progeny. mSpy is such an application that provides parents with the satisfaction of knowing what their kids are up to. Tracking via snapchat cell tracker with or without jailbreak is a service that mSpy offers.

All exclusive features of this snapchat tracker, mSpy can be made use of on every version of smart phones with an additional factor of being accessible without having to be connected to internet at all.

mSpy can operate on all kinds of phones jailbroken or otherwise. Upon retrieving the jailbroken the smart phone that needs to be observed you can immediately.

  • Retrieve call logs, SMS messages, emails, and IMs of all types
  • Situate the gadget by using either Geo-Fencing or GPS.
  • Examine the browser history and bookmarks
  • Check all marked calendar activities and scheduled timings
  • Jam any application or website that you find unsuitable
  • Erase the stored information from a device

Some characteristics of the application may be lost upon working on a no-jailbreak version however this loss comes with an additional benefit of no having to go for the phone yourself as it can be easily approached using storage computing device required for snapchat phones or androids and you can easily obtain the information you require.

Having done that you can:

  • Check out all saved phone contacts.
  • Go through the text messages and call logs, sent or received.
  • Examine the record of browsing
  • Inspect all the highlighted occasions and engagements made
  • Scrutinize notes made

You can also check to see what type of smart phone and its version are you going through, in a straight forward manner by clicking Settings – General – About – Version Number.