5. Find out where are snapchat photos saved

Find out Where Are Snapchat Photos Saved

Are you a frequent snapchat user? Are you enjoying the complete privacy option snapchat management professes to offer? Well you are in for a big shock then because snapchat is not as secure and private as it brings out itself to be. The content you share with your buddies is not disposable and can easily be hacked onto or saved by any person at all.

How snapchat works?

The traditional route being your take a snap/photo and upload it on snapchat which once has been seen by the recipient gets deleted from his/her folders unless of course they capture a screenshot of it in which case the sender will be notified that a shot was captured of the photo (s)he sent earlier on. The picture disappears according to the time limit the sender has set for the recipient to watch it, usually a few seconds.

However this was the common knowledge before the security breach issue registered against snapchat management became public.

Where is the data saved?

Once the sender sends his/her message in the form of a video or picture and the recipient gets it the message is saved in a file located somewhere outside the application’s ‘sandbox’ as they call it. This sandbox is the secure vault of Snapchat where the data communicated is stored and it cannot be accessed by other applications. However before being transmitted in that protected location the content, as mentioned above, is in an open area with no privacy whatsoever so the recipient can easily gain access to that content by simply attaching the device to a computer and use direct and simple browsing tools and applications to situate the sent chat (photos or videos), copy paste them and save them in the pc.

Snapchat spy applications

There are a number of snapchat spy applications available for one to make use of to gain access to the data passed on between the chatters. Due to the ease of being able to indulge in, take a peek, select what one needs, copy paste it on his/ her device provided by these snapchat spy applications for Android or IPhone, parents and other authoritative figures have breathed a sigh of relief.

Upon selecting the perfect app designed for the specific cell phone in use the person can install the app following the instructions. All the pictures and videos shared will then be directly saved in the control panel of the spy application which will let the user view the data without letting know the person whose phone is being spied on. This method is highly effective and in use by many of the parents these days.

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