Is Snapchat Dangerous to your Teen

Is Snapchat Dangerous to your Teen?

Many parents of the world associate smartphones with wastage of time and potential when it comes to their children. They see smartphones as a tool that their children will use more negatively than in a positive manner, and in some way they are right.

There are many smartphone apps available today that hold a lot of appeal for young children and teens. One of these is Snapchat, which lets people share moments with each other via photos or videos that can only be viewed once, after which they are deleted from the receiver’s phone. With an app that has so much popularity among children, parents are bound to worry as to whether it is safe or dangerous for their teen.

Sharing Media and the Potential Threats

What teens don’t realize while using these apps is that whatever they share can be used against them. Teens are found to share very personal videos, at time inappropriate for their age, with the idea that they are going to get deleted anyway. They don’t realize that someone could use another device to record their smartphone’s screen while the video plays and can use this to bully or blackmail the sender.

Cyberbullying is Real

There are many apps, Snapchat included, that have promoted cyberbullying, albeit unintentionally. Letting anyone reach anyone else in the world with these apps can be a real danger to your teen, as they could be sent videos or pictures that threaten them or bully them in some other way. Cyberbullying can have a real toll on the child’s mind and needs to be controlled.

Keep an Eye on their Phones

Parents can use spy apps to monitor Snapchat activities of their children’s. This can help them find out if their children are being exposed to age-inappropriate content, or being approached by an online predator or a cyberbully. This can help parents keep their children out of some serious danger as children who are being bullied usually choose not to say anything to their parents.

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