1. Tracking Snapchat on Android devices

Tracking Snapchat on Android devices

Are you itching to spy on snapchat on an android phone? Is it your growing teenager or your spouse who has made you such an investigator now? Whoever (s) he be, we here have the solution to your worries. Entrusting your kid in this rapidly advancing era is equally worrisome as having to find your spouse is cheating on you. But we can now track down the two using their own android devices and keep a check on their activities without them knowing about the whole spying episode at all. How? Read on to find out.

Snapchat the new fashion:

Snapchat is now becoming the trendiest application to be used specially by teenagers, spouses, business employees etc due to its awesome features of using photography or videos as chat content and those too disappear in ten seconds once the recipient has tapped on the link to view the content. One would think spying on such content which stays on the android device for a few seconds only, is impossible but we here bring you the solution to that problem so that you can track down the phones and know whatever substance is being shared and viewed on the other end.

How to begin?

Beginning of tracking snapchat on an android device is pretty simple. For this you need to be sure of three things:

  • First the android device which needs to be spied on has to be a rooted one and contain snapchat application installed within.
  • Next you need to look up for the best featured snapchat spy app for android devices you can find in playstore of the cell phone and purchase it with the additional snapchat spying features.
  • Lastly you need to install in the snapchat spy application on the android device to be detected and followed, as per the instructions provided in the guidance menu.

How will the snapchat spy application work?

The users of snapchat think and live in the bubble of them sending disposable pictures, videos as my story and others to their friends or whomever they use the application to connect with via the instant messaging using snapchat. This, they are wrong to believe in as many tracking applications are available now that can track down even the few seconds visible content of snapchat and capture it within the control panel of the snapchat spy app being used. The control panel can then viewed by you alone in a confidential manner whenever you wish to by simply entering in the settings required y the spy application. Therefore though snap chat may delete the photos and videos your snapchat spy application would have captured and stored the substance and transferred for you to look upon at your leisure and keep a check on your spouse, kid or cheating employee.

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