What is Snapchat and Why Should You Care

What is Snapchat and Why Should You Care

It used to be that there were just a handful of apps for smartphones that focused on social networking. Most of these were based on updating statuses or sharing moments via a primarily textual interface.

With the increase in smartphone technology, however, that has changed completely. There are now apps that take the social aspect of a smartphone to a new level. Apps like Instagram and Pinterest focus heavily on sharing images, while others are based on video sharing, like Vine and YouTube.

But there is a new app that is highly popular among teens by the name of Snapchat. Here is a little introduction as to what it is and why you, as a parent, should care.

Sharing Moments in a Timed Way

Snapchat is essentially an app that lets users share their moments via images or videos. The unique aspect of the app is that the images and videos can only be viewed once by each person they are shared with, after which they are deleted. This momentary sharing is what has made Snapchat stand out in the sea of similar social apps.

Fun, and Potentially Dangerous

While the app is a lot of fun to use, especially by teens, it does pose some threats too. Most teens think that the timed nature of the content they are posting makes it possible for them to share things that are inappropriate. While the pictures do get deleted after being viewed, they can be saved as screenshots by the viewer if he or she so wishes. A simple moment of sexting can cause a lifetime of embarrassment to your teen.

Monitoring their Usage

Parents can either talk to their children about this and hope for them to understand, or they can use spy apps to monitor Snapchat activity. This can help them save their children from any potential issues they may fall into unknowingly.

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